Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I can't believe that summer is almost over! To me, it sure did fly by, but in talking to others, they say it dragged. I guess it's just a matter of perspective....or how busy you've been. My life took a different, unexpected turn- I went back to work. I wasn't planning on it, but the place I used to work for needed someone quickly and I got asked back. Not working for a year, then going back to a very busy place takes a toll- especially with my fibromyalgia changing faces. It seems I get so much more tired easily, take awhile to bounce back. That in mind, I have been working on several reviews- one I am going to post tonight, featuring a giveaway, so get the word out and come back tomoorow. Trust me, it will be a great one ( ALL giveaways are great aren't they?!) All this weeke I am also going to be posting about lessons learned. I hope some resonate with you and you respond. I enjoy feedback! Stay tuned! #summer, #giveaway, #review, #fibromyalgia

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The Care & Feeding of a Blog

Friday, August 9, 2013

As I am discussing business with different companies, it occurred to me that this blog is like a small child. I have to give it my utmost attention and feed it with posts (which, yes, I know, I haven't done). I have a hard time posting anything, keyword ANYthing, but I have to force myself. I have been told by more seasoned mommies ...I mean bloggers that this will get easier. I, myself make it hard because I often feel if I don't have anything good, like a freebie, sample or giveaway then why post? But then again, why not? I don't know who's out there reading this. I've learned that I have some pretty cool random thoughts. Thoughts that make me wonder, but then I see others have that same thought- Thank you Pinterest! Pinterest has me now convinced that I'm not crazy...just jaded perhaps, a better word being "experienced". Being empty-nested gives you alot of time to think again. So, buckle up- it's going to be a fun ride! Any other empty-nesters out there?

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

With much encouragement, here I am ...again, or should I say 'still'? It's been a longtime, I know and I can't even really apologize. Let's just say it's been a VERY rough 2 years. There have been moves, illnesses, deaths and lots of lots lessons learned in this time away. I was just going to let this blog go away quietly, but now that the dust seems to have settled, the healing that's occurred and the people that have poked me and said "hey, I miss your blog", I've decided to give it a go again. I've learned that with the blog, I was thinking all of nothing. If I couldn't get a ton of giveaways, samples or "attractions", or as the blogiverse says- traffic- then what good was it? Would people really want to hear what I have to say? I have wrestled with that question, and finally have come up with the answer- so what if no one does. I am sure many would be authors thought the same...but what if they didn't write those awesome words, or at least try?? So, if you are reading this- thanks for coming. I plan on a little of everything- but be forewarned...I have "one of those lives" that things just happen, and they are just too good to makeup, or not to share! I do make people laugh, find some great bargains, and love to well, gab. You just never know what you will get with me. I do have some good things lined up, but won't focus on what I can give, other than myself. That way, the things that do come along, will be all the more appreciated. With that note- LET"S BLOG! Oh yeah, if you have fledging blog, like mine (under 1,000 followers)- let me know. We can swap buttons and help each other out! PS-I love feedback, knowing that people are listening, or that I helped someone smile....so get writing!

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I Missed YOU

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wow..Whew...Where do I begin?
I feel like I was chugging along in the blogiverse and fell into a hole, much like Alice did in Alice In Wonderland. Boy, did I meet a host a characters just as she did too! I guess I will save that for future posts because I have learned so much in the past six months or so that I have been held hostage by life's little pitfalls. One Aha Moment after another and it would not be right not to share the blessings with all of you.
I just hope all of you are still with me, or at least when you see me post again, you will right back on this Happy Train.

One thing I did realize with doing this blog was that I was trying too hard to make it perfect and in doing that, I got so overwhelmed that I often didn't post if I felt it wasn't an earth shattering post...That won't happen anymore. I made the mistake of believing that if I didn't have anything to give away then nobody would read. Well, what kind of friendship does that make? So, in the future, I will post anything and everything that I want to share. After all, if you don't want to read it, then just click the X, and come back with the next one.
However, I did alot of internet traveling and have found more hot spot for freebies, coupons, deals and more- you just never know what you will find here.
I think I have gotten more comfortable with this "empty-nest syndrome" and now I fully understand why it's called as such (yes, that will be another post). Suffice it to say, it does take some adaptation...not just running around naked and having "nooners" whenever one wants (although, that does now fit into the equation *wink*). I now feel like I know what I am doing, working toward and finally, FINALLY learned that to love someone fully and help in their growth, you need to let go sometimes...My friends, that is THE hardest part of parenting for me.
So...without boring you to tears with this post, I will end here.
Looking forward to hearing from all of you again, and wow, the giveaways...much in the hopper, so do stay tuned!
Once again, thank you for sticking with me.
Great friends can always just pick up where they left off and not even miss a beat!

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Free Smucker's Uncrustables!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

This started on September 13 and runs though October 13. Head over to Smuckers Uncrustables, and submit an organizational tip or solution for the on-the-go mom or dad (a “Tip) and receive a coupon by mail for one free box of Smucker’s Uncrustables sandwiches (4-pack) (max. value $3.00)

The coupon is available to the first 500 who register for it – allow 6 weeks for delivery! If you miss this on Monday you still have a chance to grab this freebie because they will give away 400 coupons daily through October 13th!

Here's the daily schedule- Good luck!

Mondays 12 Noon EST
Tuesdays 6 am EST
Wednesdays 4 pm EST
Thursdays 6 am EST
Fridays 12 Noon EST
Saturdays 2 pm EST
Sundays 9 pm EST

(Thanks, CombatClippers!)

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